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Following are general, helpful tips in writing your resume:

1. Use a Simple Resume Format
• Identifying Information
(Name, Address, Home & Mobile Phones, E Mail)

• Objective Statement

• Career Experience
(List jobs in chronological order most recent to earliest -include Company
and Position Title)

•  Education

• Additional Training

• Publications

• Special Skills
(language skills, international experience, computer skills)

• Personal Data
(optional - family information, interests, activities, awards)

• References available upon request

2. Typical Length is 2-3 Pages
Usually 1 page is too brief to give appropriate detail. Resumes can run 4-5 pages if there are a significant number of publications.

3. Don't Front-Load
Don't "front-load" your resume with skills and accomplishments that are difficult to associate with each career move. Rather, align your accomplishments under each Position Title in your Career Experience section. The resume will read better and your accomplishments will make more sense and have stronger impact if they are listed under each job held.

4. Give Detail About Companies
Provide the yearly revenues, revenue growth %, number or employees, size of your division, and description of the products your company manufactures or services it provides. Listing these items will create a better understanding of the scope and detail of your responsibilities within each company. For instance, the skill set required for a Director of Manufacturing in a cheese manufacturer will be different from that of an electronics manufacturer.

5. Give Detail About Positions
List your accomplishments, responsibilities, number of direct and indirect reports, technical capabilities (if relevant - number of assembly lines, types of equipment, customer accounts serviced), special projects and special recognition. Provide specific dates for each job (month/year) as you will be asked these in an interview anyway.

6. Consult if Between Careers
If you're between jobs it's important to show uninterrupted employment activity, so stay busy with consulting (and reflect this on your resume) even if it's just small projects for nominal pay.

7. Short Stays
If you've had short stays at several companies, give reasons. If they were consulting engagements or project employment where the project was completed, make this known. If your company was acquired, merged, downsized, or closed, make this known on your resume.

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