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A dignified exit from any employer can surely enhance your reputation and boost future job prospects down the road by leaving the door open for good references. Following are some tips for leaving well:

1. Draft A Positive Letter
Draft a letter that is appreciative of the skills you have acquired on the job. Be gracious, express gratitude, and be genuine in giving instances of how your supervisor and team encouraged your growth. Even if your experience has been difficult and a supervisor has been hard to work for, there is still something good to compliment in their expertise.

2. Rehearse
It helps to rehearse, to go over your remarks before you give your notice in person. Rehearsing helps you feel comfortable with hearing the sound of your own resignation. Rehearsing helps you catch yourself from saying things that you wish you had said better. Rehearsing helps you make sure your remarks line up with what you have said in your resignation letter.

3. Stay Calm
Stay calm even if your supervisor says you’ve had a lapse in judgment, are making a mistake, and will come to regret your decision. Acknowledge that you’ve heard what they are saying (even though you don’t agree) and thank them for what you have learned from them.

4. Beware The Counteroffer
In our experience, accepting a counteroffer rarely works out as one hopes for a variety of reasons:

A) The issues that prompted you to begin looking for new employment remain, so more money will not eliminate those issues;
B) Your loyalty is now in question with your current employer, hence, if a company downsizing becomes necessary, you might be a candidate since you were willing to leave before;
C) The next time raises come due you could find yourself passed over, since you “already received your raise” in your counteroffer;
D) Future opportunities for promotion may pass you by, now that your loyalty to the company is in question.

5. Avoid Boasting
Give an upbeat description of where you are going but don’t boast about your new salary. Going on about compensation details and how well you have done for yourself could disgruntle those you leave behind. Saying that your new package is a good package and step up will be enough.

6. Show Appreciation
Give a handwritten note of thanks to those with whom you are close. If at all possible attempt to make peace with your enemies. Don’t be disengenuine, but if your interactions have been heated you can acknowledge this and still show appreciation for how these interactions have helped you become a stronger person, a stronger professional.

Leaving well from your current assignment is just as important as starting well in your new assignment. Business is about relationships and good relationships have a way of coming back around and providing new opportunities that would not be there had you burned bridges.

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