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Candidates talk. They tell stories about how impressed they were with the company that got back to them the day after an interview with a yes (or even a no) answer. Even if they didn’t get the job, a timely response made a positive impact and enhanced the reputation of the company. The reverse is also true. Companies that fail to provide a good candidate experience also become part of a story.

Here are some tips to taking care of candidates during the interview process:

Respect Candidate Privacy

Maintain the confidentiality of your candidate. Often a candidate is interviewing for a new role while presently employed with another company. Make sure your interviewers know to protect the confidential nature of your candidate’s search.

Respect Candidate Scheduling
Give candidates enough lead time to schedule the interview. Good candidates may have multiple interviews to schedule as well as business meetings and current job responsibilities. Allowing a candidate sufficient lead time enables them to avoid arousing suspicions with their present employer.

Provide a Schedule and List of Interviewers Prior to the Interview

Providing a list of names and titles gives the candidate additional data to assist in interview preparation. It helps everyone if your candidate is familiar with the chain of events for the day, knows who they will be speaking with, and can prepare for each interview in advance by annotating their experience in ways that would be most relevant for the interests of each interviewer.

Give Feedback

During the interview find out the best way to give feedback to the candidate. If your candidate is working through a recruiter then provide feedback to the recruiter within 24-48 hours. Your open position may be the dream job of your candidate. But if you know that they are not a fit, you should release them to pursue other opportunities rather than keep them in false hope. If you expect a decision to take longer than 48 hours let them know that too.

Taking good care of your candidate throughout the interview process gives you an edge. If a candidate has comparable competing offers from two or three companies, the company that provided the better candidate interviewing experience will likely win the day.


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