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If I were a leader with pressing hiring needs, I'd want a recruiter who placed top priority on my searches. I'd want a recruiter that understood the job specifications and the culture of my company I'd want a recruiter who provided unsurpassed service. I'd want a recruiter who grasped the quality of candidates that I need and cared that each new hire is an investment in the future of my company.

Our Reserve Account was born out of Frustration. We listened to clients who
were frustrated, having paid large sums of money to Retained Search Firms
that didn't deliver Retained Quality service, including months that would pass
without the hire being made. Our Reserve Account grew from a need to remove frustration from the search experience.

Our Reserve Account is Retained quality service that allows us to move Your Searches to the front of our priority list, at the exclusion of other Contingency searches we may be involved in. So what does this mean? It means that we give you Contingency search speed but assured fit of the candidate. It means that you don't pay for unfilled retained search assignments. It means that if you cancel the search we allow your funds to be used over again on other searches. So your money is not lost - it's Reserved - you can assign it to whatever search is a priority for you at the moment.

Together, we negotiate the terms of the Reserve Account based on number of hiring needs, level of positions, salary ranges, replacement guarantee, etc. Most accounts are in the $50-75K range, but we can negotiate other amounts to your individual needs. Next, Brennan & Brennan sends an Invoice for the amount we've agreed to, which is due upon receipt. This provides you with a safety net for your investment should the search be called off, put on hold, etc. Should the original hiring need no longer exist, the amount can be transferred to another search need within the year, even within another division of the company. By using our Reserve Account you save money, plus you get multiple retained search capability and quality.

Reserve Accounts offer significant savings for clients who want to engage Brennan and Brennan in multiple hires for a division or to even "pre-pay" us for several hires during the course of a quarter, or even a year.


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