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Check Your Surroundings
If you are on a Skype (or similar software) interview from your home office, make sure that your background is what you want the interviewer to see.

Look at the Camera not at the Screen
This is the closest you’ll come to making direct eye contact rather than giving the appearance of looking away.

Turn Off Your Phone Or Set it to Vibrate.

Do a practice video interview with a friend so you are comfortable with the technology.  Solicit honest feedback from them so you present your best on camera.

Be Ready for Time Delays
Like some mobile phone interviews, online interviewing can have short time delays.  So, be careful to speak concisely and clearly.  Don’t ramble.  Give your interviewer windows to ask additional questions.

Be Yourself 
Be enthusiastic, energetic, engaging – just like you would in an in person interview.  Don’t let the camera mute your personality.

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