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What's the end goal of a Telephone Interview?
To get an in-person interview. This is foremost in your thinking. In your phone conversation with the hiring manager ask yourself two questions. First, do we have good personal chemistry? Second, does the career and company sound like where you want to be? If the answer is yes then your goal is to get an in-person visit.

Ask for one. "How you've described your company and the job sound great, I'd love to have the chance to come for a visit."

Lastly, during your interview keep three words in mind: Enthusiasm, Interest, Contribution. Show Enthusiasm about the job opportunity. Be upbeat. Be positive. Demonstrate Interest in the company by making it known that you've studied up on them. Before the interview, visit their web site, get a grasp on their products and services, read recent articles on them, look for a bio on the hiring manager. Be ready with examples from your own experience that reveal how you can Contribute to helping the hiring manager reach their goals.

What's the end goal of an In-Person Interview?
To get an offer. The offer may not come on the same day as your interview but you still should make it clear that your desire is to get an offer. If you like the people, like the company, like the career path, then the goal of the interview is simple - get an offer.

Ask for one. "From what I've seen here today I'd be excited to be part of your team. I hope you'll make me an offer." Once an offer is made, you can accept, reject, or even negotiate, but without an offer you can't do anything. So, when you interview in-person remember to begin with the end in mind - to get an offer. For tips on how to get an
offer read our Tips for In-Person Interviews.

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